Ingrid Barber artist / maker

Ingrid Barber is an artist and a maker.   A narrative thread informs her work and a fascination with memory is at the heart of her practice.  Her memory journey began with an installation made from rabbit bones, oil paintings, cigar boxes, feathers and wax, followed by an icon made from reconstructed furniture, brass and lead. The Gondola collection was completed in 2013, a series of cast pewter plaques and layered abstract collaged landscapes. Further commissions for bespoke memory pieces to celebrate and honour life events followed, along side a year-long memory project, “If These Walls Could Speak” about a derelict house, working with found objects, mixed media and wax casting, now with a private collector. In 2015, “The Other Side of the Hill,” a contemporary encaustic large scale artwork, celebrating the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo was exhibited at the Fine Art Society in London. Ingrid also travelled to Germany to represent Sutton at the Minden arts festival and in 2016 curated and made work for a group exhibition to commemorate the Battle of the Somme at ArtMoorhouse London and Honeywood in Surrey.  Ingrid is currently focusing on commissions and a group exhibition for 2018 with Acid Drop Copse for the anniversary of the death of the Romanov family at Vout-O-Reenee’s Stash gallery in Tower Bridge in July.