Family commemoration commissions

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My personal tribute to Sydney Hurst, my great uncle, is a small casket, which distills all the information I managed to amass from the fragments of his short life. Photos of his own relatives and his male descendants, Peter, Richard, William, Dan and Boris who only knew him from two surviving photos.  A map shows the exact location of his death, from where he was exhumed before being laid to rest in the London Cemetery, at Neuville-Vitasse and phials of blood and soil hang down to represent his death by a piece of shrapnel through the heart.  It features a toy plastic heart, metal soldiers and my only piece of actual memorabilia, Sydney’s medal.  References to roses echo his job maintaining the local park and his love of gardening and the coal is a good luck talisman taken to battle by many soldiers. Works for family commemorations made to commission.





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