Lockdown work

I produced a drawing per week during this unprecedented time.

Week one

“Hoops, Cuffs and Cones :Experimental social distancing for introverts”

45 x 75 cm pen and ink drawing 

“Hoops , cuffs and cones, experimental social distancing for introverts”
I decided to draw a vision of my family in lockdown , trying to get them all to learn how to social distance using 18 century hoops, and dog collars as well as police tape to cordon off sections of the sitting room. Not sure how successful it was?
This is me going quietly crazy as I knit another balaclava for my son , to act as a mask in the shops
Here he is watching tv and eating galaxy and Pringles, dressed in one of my knitted head protectors
This is the cat with a huge head collar which keeps distance very efficiently
Household intellectual sports an 18 century hoop to keep distance

Week two

Fantasy Seance

large scale ink drawing 100 x80cm

A motley crew of characters summon up the spirits to answer their questionhs on how to resolve the covid crisis . Instead of a spirit from the other world they summon up Eckhart Tolle, a current day spiritual teacher, who they pin to the table like Gulliver . They are fearful of his message to live in the “Now” and seek practical answers to the virus problem .The only happy one is the dog who is getting plenty of walks and wearing a crown.

Week three

“View from my window“

70 x 85 pen and ink drawing


The 5 am Briefing

A sleek black and white stalks through the window,  dropping a dead mouse on to the bed. The government and the virus are playing with our lives at 5 pm each day.  

Week Four

1. Lost and Found

The Covid Series , 2020

Represented by thecolabsite.com

50 x 60 pen and ink drawing

Inspired by objects taken from a derelict house six years ago, this scene recreates the kitchen cupboard using the actual objects which the artist recently found at the bottom of her garden during isolation.  She photographed them as they are now, rusty and cracked, and photo-transferred them back into the scene. It depicts the sense of eerie abandonment and bewilderment of today’s life in lockdown.

Week Five

“If These walls could speak”
Represented by thecolabsite.com


Pen and ink 50 x 60 cm