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Ingrid Barber
Ingrid Barber

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Artist Statement

“My starting points are something I hear or see, something that hurts, offends, amuses or horrifies me about the absurdity of life.
In practical terms I experiment first with collage and large scale black and white ink drawings until the content and composition reveal themselves ready for a final piece on board or canvas. Colour palette reoccupies and often runs with the theme of the piece, predominantly Indian red and chromium oxide for my work on the battle of the Somme, neon colours for the frustration of lockdown.
Pattern and fine details intermix with loose, bold, sometimes primitive images often in bright colour or black and white. The contrasts and contradictions of personality come out in tight control and loose and expressive work. Often unnerving, uncomfortable juxtapositions of images and proportions give the chaos an internal logic. The results are disarming , whimsical, sometimes dark. Narrative is key, historical themes, and contemporary society often inspire me. Works need time and thought to sift through to what is going on. My overriding concerns are to reflect the past in the now and the surreal humour of life.
Art is a luxury, a privilege, a struggle, a necessity. Contemporary society is mad and fascinating. People care more about the alignment of their Tupperware than the bird on the windowsill singing a song. Never realising that in one single moment everything could and eventually will vanish”.

I graduated from the University of London S.E.E.S. in Russian Language and Literature. From there I pursued a career in television and lived in Brussels, Rome and Germany. Returning to the UK in my 40s I decided to follow my passion for art. After completing a degree in Art and Design at Kingston College in 2014 I’ve shown at the Mall Gallery, The Fine Art Society, and The Black Swan Open ,Discerning Eye, several ArtCan exhibitions amongst others and was featured in the latest series of Grayson Perry’s Art Club. My first solo show was 2022 at the Art Moorhouse Gallery, London.

E: barber.ingrid@gmail.com Tel: +447702619467
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