Acid Drop Copse final work




Ingrid Barber

“The Front 1”

Wax soldiers, oil, window

50 x 20

Finished works for Acid Drop Copse “The Somme”

A  World War One boot embedded in wax crops entitled  “Legitimised Contempt for Individual Life” is an expression of my personal response to the raw horror of the battlefield.  A solitary body part and name tag lie alone in a burnt field, since destroyed by the ravages of war, echoing the beauty of what is no more.


“Legitimised Contempt for Individual Life”

Crops, boot, wax and tag on board

110 x 70

New Project : Commemoration of the Battle of the Somme for July 2016

A summer of silence and research.  Now the work begins for a group exhibition at Honeywood from 22nd June until 31st July 2016.


Honeywood Museum

img022 copy 2


Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.50.28

hurst1 copy

Commemoration : from the verb commemorare, ‘bring to remembrance’

The Somme: “Sitting Target” (90 x 90cm collage on board, set in resin)

L1130231 copy

Photo 28-10-2015, 11 48 51

Photo 28-10-2015, 11 48 24

Photo 28-10-2015, 11 49 02


Surrey Artists’ Open Studios

Unfortunately I will be closed 19,20,2I, due to exhibition in Minden Germany.  Apologies.

( I am Surrey East, studio 27. )

Myself and Jeremy Clark, sculptor, will be representing Sutton in a twin town exhibition with other artists from Apeldoorn in Holland and Gagny in France.  Details to follow!

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Surrey Artists’ Open Studios 6 -21 June 2015: Come and see my studio!

Details of opening hours below, unfortunately I will be closed 19,20,2I, due to exhibition in Minden Germany.  Apologies.

 I am Surrey East, studio 27.