The Gondola Collection

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“A wonderous city of fairest carving, refelcted in gleaming waters swirled to new patterning by every passing gondola.”  Sylvia Pankhurst

My response to a freezing cold winter visit to Venice  in 2013 where I photographed the haunting images of the gondola’s silver head and the line where the land meets the sea.  I reinterpreted these photographs into pewter plaques, ink and bleach drawings, painting with stitch, digital work and multi layering until the image became that of a marching army moving against the inevitability of the tide. The result is a series of pewter plaques, in their own individual hessian hand made bags and a selection of  ink and collage drawings presented in box frames. 

Small prints


(2013, print on handmade paper, 30 x 25cm)


(2013, sewn absract gondolas, 23 x 23 cm)


(sewn detail)

Metal plaques

gondola packaging A



(2013, metal plaque in pouch, 15 x 10 cm)

Framed Gondola abstract prints

repeat gondolas A


 (2013, mixed media, 30 x 42 cm)